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29. dec. 2014

Energy performance certificate is optional in Slovenia

The energy performance certificate of a building is a public certificate in Slovenia providing information about its energy efficiency and any recommendations for its increase. It aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and improve energy efficiency. 

The purpose of  energy identity card being issued  is to stress and boost the competitive advantage of energy efficient construction within the property market in Slovenia. Anyone selling or renting out their property would have to have such a certificate as of January 2015.Owners who attempt to advertise their property in Slovenia without citing the information on the document will be fined up to EUR 250. The energy performance certificate also provides useful information for those investors wishing to obtain relevant information about the energy efficiency of a property and to stress its competitive advantage on the market. This information is essential for financial institutions and municipalities that wish to justify the sustainability of their construction and their attitude to protecting the environment. And last but not least, property agencies may use the energy identity card as proof of their professionally performed tasks.

24. okt. 2013

Cultural heritage of Slovenia, old barns, houses, hayracks renovation

Old barn, hayrack can be converted into residential unit by maintaining the essential characteristics of old building, but the investor must get  conditions for renovation and consent form Cultural heritage protection institute in Slovenia.
Hayracks are known cultural heritage of Slovenia. Small farms are disappearing and a lot of old traditional buildings are in poor condition, despite legal protection of culture. Authentic image of Slovenian cultural landscapes represent only regularly maintained and functionally restored farmhouse, hay racks....
hayrack, barn Slovenia
An old hay rack is often protected under the Act on protection of cultural heritage as a cultural heritage in Slovenia. On the basis of protection is necessary to maintain the building and its appearance. Owners often have little incentive to perform an economic function hayrack on the farm, its maintenance is expensive. Cultural protection does not prevent barn Conversion in the hayrack or barn house. Hay rack can be converted into residential unit by maintaining the essential characteristics of the hay-rack, but the investor must get  conditions for renovation and consent form Cultural heritage protection institute in Slovenia.
The Register of Immovable Cultural Heritage: is an official, computer-supported database of cultural heritage in Slovenia under the responsibility of the state, Cultural heritage protection institute of Slovenia.

6. maj 2013

Slovenia Real estate transfer tax of 2%

Slovenia Real estate transfer tax of 2% of the market value is imposed on the transfer of real estate ownership. This tax is payable by both domestic and foreign legal entities and individuals. Sellers may not be obliged to pay this tax if certain conditions prescribed by the Real Estate Slovenia Tax Act are met. The transfer tax does not apply to the acquisition of new buildings, that is, first sale. Instead, the sale is subject to 20% or 8,5% VAT of the value of construction, i.e., the net construction value.
Slovenia Real estate transfer tax

9. jun. 2012

House-hunting in Slovenia, regions with low house prices.

GORENJSKA, PRIMORSKA and LJUBLJANA are popular regions for buying a house or second home in Slovenia. A house in Ljubljan is quite pricey. In Koper and Izola houses also are not cheap. Experts say that Notranjska is an upcoming region.

House-hunting in SLOVENIA, regions with low house prices.
Regions, which are further from the capital Ljubljana, are more traditional than capital Ljubljana. Examples include the Dolenjska, Savinska, Notranjska.
However, these regions are particularly attractive for foreigners who want to buy a holiday home :
  • These are disadvantaged regions with little industrialization, pollution and tourism. 
  •  Local government focuses on protecting the environment. It focuses on small-scale tourismand promoting local products. 
  • Traditions of architecture, cuisine, folk customs and dialects have been preserved. They are real, authentic regions in Slovenia 
  •  There is a rich variety of local building styles and materials. 
  •  Of many cities and towns, the old town center survived. 
  •  It welcomes the arrival of foreigners. People think it is beneficial for the local economy. 
  •  Houses and land are still cheap.
Slovenia house hunting

Slovenia is interesting place to buy property - holiday homes. Tourism has been the fastest growing industry in the country for the past years. With new european legislations, Slovenia opened property market to foreign buyers. Generally foreign buyers are looking for small, older style properties or newly built properties with two bedrooms. Some are also looking for homes with some land.  Having a great view from the property, green environment, good transport links is also important.

11. nov. 2011

Holiday home, property investment in Slovenia

Property investors are now buying properties in Slovenia as they are good value for money and make good sense for a 10 - 15 year plan. Property investors will not buy in Slovenia for in and out investment but  for a holiday home.
Holiday home Slovenia

Property investor should seriously keep the rental market in mind when selecting a Slovenia property to buy. The type of rental property in Slovenia is varied; the typical farmhouse, the city apartment, the hill town or village house, the ski chalet, villa or seaside retreat.


7. okt. 2011

Property investing strategies — buy and hold, and buy low sell high

Property investing strategies that are working well for owners of property in Slovenia:
  • buy and hold, 
  • buy low; sell high
  • buy develop
  • buy build or renovate

Buy and hold is the simpl one in stable market with high demand and continuous price rises.  Buy and hold requires the investor to retain ownership for a long period of time, doing whatever maintenance is necessary. Time is the critical appreciation factor—more time held, more profit.
With buy low; sell high, the investor has to exercise judgment about when to buy and when to sell.

4. avg. 2011

Real Estate Market in Slovenia, Ljubljana

Investing in real estate is regarded as the safest and most consistent way to increase your capital. Emerging markets can be your source of regular income, pension plan... The key is identifying affordable property that will offer consistent growth and solid capital returns.

Slovenia is a small country, whith just under two million people. Slovenia stands on a very interesting part of EU at the crossroads of ancient routes. It is squeezed between the snow-covered Alps and the warm Adriatic Sea. The capital and largest city of Slovenia is Ljubljana. A member of the EU since 2004 its economy has been consistently one of the best performing in the Union in the past half decade. While there remains much uncertainty in the global economy, price falls recorded around the world do represent a once-in-a-generation opportunity to cash-in on property in Europe, Slovenia.
Many people buy properties in Slovenia to live in for part of the year at least, others snap them up to use as holiday rental in Slovenia or student rental in capital Ljubljana. Buy-to-let property in Slovenia is expected to continue to make money for owners over the next few years as a lack of supply rental properties.
The majority of real estate agents in Ljubljana are local players, with some of them moving in recent years towards a franchised model, in partnerships with the few nationwide brands. Geograhically Ljubljana is the centre of the property world with almost all major estate agents and banks based there or near by.

Real estate Slovenia

As more and more European discover small country in southeast of Europe - more going to find residence on east side of Adriatic See or in the Alps. Still many lands, apartments, simple rural and old stone property waiting for new owners.

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Is real estate agent necessary for selling the property in Slovenia?

If someone want to buy or sell the property in Slovenia, it is necessary to him hire the real estate agent?
A real estate agent in Slovenia is a party who acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers of property and attempts to find sellers who wish to sell and buyers who wish to buy.The agent just facilitate you and makes the deal easy. Agent knows the right value of home from past sales, and he can also help with a purchase property formalities. But if both parties negotiate personally then that is fine too.

Selling your home, you must realize that it's not likely that the right buyer will simply walk through the door on their own. Generally, a buyer must be attracted to your home through the use of a variety of marketing techniques. That means using a real estate professional to implement a successful marketing campaign. You'll want an agent who will make the best use of available advertising, real estate marketing programs and state of the art computer technology. And, you'll want your agent to have a strategic number of open houses to expose your property to a wide variety of home buyers. 


26. jul. 2011

Holiday rentals, accommodation Slovenia, apartments and cottages

Holiday rentals, accommodation Slovenia, apartments and cottages will have a major impact on your time there: the friends you make, the places you get to know, and your costs.
Many tourists and travelers in Ljubljana move into private accommodation, often with groups of friends. Most students want to live surrounded by other people of a similar age in student accommodation Slovenia.
Holida rentals Slovenia

Slovenia is located on the sunny side of the Alps. It benefits from dramatic Alpine sceneries and warm Mediterranean climate. The rivers, lakes and the sea in Slovenia offer endless possibilities for unspoilt fishing holidays. Spare some time to visit one of the many castles or a country manor, and the Slovenian capital Ljubljana. In the winter months there is good skiing to be had, and in the summer the pleasant climate makes for a brilliant alternative sunny break.
 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Explore beyond headline tourist spots in Slovenia and discover its lesser known, but inspiring corners of green Alps or Adriatic coast.
Adriatic coast
A traditional property in Slovenia in the country serves as an ideal base for an outdoor activities holiday for those who wind down by cycling, fishing, hiking, playing tennis or simply enjoying the fresh air. 
Book last minute weekend breaks in capital Ljubljana  or plan ahead; either way, opting for a holiday apartment in Slovenia over a hotel will save you money and let you live like a local too. 

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Property market in Slovenia is on the rise due to its excellent location and the beauty of nature. The country is fast becoming a holiday hotspot; ski resorts, thermal spas, alpine lakes and mountains, the Adriatic Sea.
Slovenia is a beautiful alpine country located next to Hungary, Coatia and Italy. It has a small population of just 2 million people,  The main reasons the growth in Slovenia's popularity as a holiday destination is that it has the traditional alpine pursuits of holiday skiing, walking, water activities (on lakes such as Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj), as well as and rich historic culture and unspoilt charm. There is also a twenty mile coastline for beach activities in the summer months.

With a flight time from from the UK of just two hours and one hour time difference, for years, Slovenia has been a natural holiday hotspot for tourists seeking fresh mountain air and stunning alpine scenery. In addition, Slovenia is fast becoming a property hotspot too for foreign investors seeking second homes or holiday lets. The Government has recognised this and has introduced legislation to make it easier for foreign investors to buy a property in Slovenia. Low cost airlines to destinations like Brnik (Ljubljana), Graz or Klagenfurt (Austria) have also opened up potential for fly to let investors and second holiday homeowners to seek holiday home in Slovenia.

Slovenia has now joined the European Union in order to improve its economic growth and access to markets, particularly tourism and foreign investment. This has resulted in a foreign investors being able to purchase property without complicated administration and delay from the Slovenian government. One caveat (lasting up to 7 years) to joining the European Union was that Slovenia kept a Clause that allowed it to reverse its decision to allow non residents to purchase property under force them to use the traditional administration process.


Married couples in Slovenia and property rights

Economic relationship between foreign married couples resident in Slovenia. Concerning the economic relationship between married couples in general, if they have the same nationality, the common national law of the two partners will be enforced. If the two partners have two different citizenships, the law of the state where the marriage took place will be enforced.



24. jul. 2011

Drinking water supply, rainwater tanks

When building a new house or renovating an old house we have a chance of economical use of drinking water which is usually obtained from a distribution system. Using rainwater in and around your home is an easy and effective way to conserve drinking water:

  • flushing toilet
  • dishwasher and washing machine
  • watering the garden, flowers
  • car wash ..
Rainwater in rainwater tank shouldn’t require treatment or disinfection if it is not being used for
drinking and food preparation.Using rainwater reduces the water bill and bring additional costs to build a system for rainwater use. (fixtures, tank, pipes and pumps to ensure that rainwater remains separate from the mains drinking water supply,)
If a mains drinking water supply is available it is not recommended that you use
rainwater for drinking and food preparation. The quality of water in household
rainwater tanks is generally not as reliable as mains supplies, which have been
treated to a level to ensure they are safe for human consumption.


22. jul. 2011

Commercial real estate agent in Slovenia

Searching the web, newspapers, and yellow pages is one way to find your commercial property in Slovenia.
Commercial property agents are very is going to find a potential buyer and selling your property at the most effective value and you have to pay less time and cash for advertising and promoting of your commercial property.
Whether, you want a commercial space for industrial, retail, or office purposes, a good commercial real estate agent would help you find a property as per your specifications.


19. jul. 2011

House owners and real estate agents in Slovenia

Real estate Slovenia
Having a great real estate agent in Slovenia on your side is never a bad thing!
When buying or selling a home in Slovenia, one of the biggest decisions that you will make is deciding on a real estate agent in Slovenia. If you strike up a relationship with a qualified and trustworthy agent, it is safe to say that you will be on the right track to success.
The process for selecting a real estate agent depends on a number of different factors:

• choose an agent that you feel comfortable working with

• call a few real estate agents and form your opinion of the person

• form your opinion of the person about the agency

• form your opinion about advertisement for a house, apartment

• learn about each agent and what they offer

• does your agent have similar properties on his books

selling a home in Slovenia

You can  list your real estate or rental property from Slovenia. You can post apartment, commercial property, farm, family home or house,  luxury home, mountain cottagees, office space, seashore properties, storage space, temporary or summer housing,  vacation rentals and others.
Search through our large database of Slovenia properties of residential property and commercial real estate listings in towns, villages, countryside and seaside resorts in Slovenia. Our real estate database is updated daily to give you a varied selection, so you can choose the right home for you. Browse through our useful Property Buyers Guides, which explain the legal procedures of buying property in an overseas country, as well as detailing the obligatory legal fees and taxes you will pay when purchasing overseas real estate.